Sustainable business laboratory

Having the right audience in the creation and validation of future businesses is key to your success. We put at your disposal our community of people and companies who are pioneers when it comes to sustainability.

Solution features

These are the main characteristics of the solution you are about to acquire.

Puedes recolectar los información que requieras del segmento de la comunidad que necesites
Recibe retroalimentación directamente de tus futuros clientes en un ambiente de innovación controlado sin que tu marca se vea afectada

Benefits you will get

These are the main benefits of the solution you are about to acquire.

Lanza productos o servicios con mayor probabilidad de éxito gracias a la co-creación con tus futuros clientes

Deliverables during the process

At the end of the process, you will have the following deliverables:

Horas de contacto con el segmento de comunidad que necesites para tus actividades de formulación de nuevos producto o servicios

Methodology to address it

These are the main characteristics of the solution you are about to acquire.

Completion time

Según lo necesite tu negocio

Way of working



450,000 COP / Hour

Who accompanies

Key ally

SDGs impacted

This solution impacts the following sustainability goals

The ally behind the magic

Years of experience

Specific experience

Relevant clients

Steps to get your solution

Según lo necesite tu negocio

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13 areas of opportunity in sustainability in the mass consumer market

Identify the trends and areas of opportunity that will help you define your sustainability strategy for the coming years.