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Safety distance sensor to face Covid 19

Take care of the people you care about with these sensors, which will warn them when they are very close to each other and will also measure their temperature and report it on a web platform.

Solution features

These are the main characteristics of the solution you are about to acquire.

With this bracelet that sends information such as temperature, location and close contacts between users through Wi-Fi or a sigfox network, you can fight the virus
Accelerometer with algorithms to detect falls and movement to activate Geoposition + BLE to detect closeness or precise position indoors.
IP54 box with protection against ingress of dust that affects the equipment and against ingress of water jets.
With 3.7V / 400mA rechargeable battery

Benefits you will get

These are the main benefits of the solution you are about to acquire.

Minimize interactions at unsafe distances from your collaborators and identify those with fever.
Create smart epidemiological fences with the data collected with this solution.

Deliverables during the process

At the end of the process, you will have the following deliverables:

Data visualization system for 6 months

Methodology to address it

These are the main characteristics of the solution you are about to acquire.

Completion time

30 days

Way of working



58 USD

Who accompanies

Key ally

SDGs impacted

This solution impacts the following sustainability goals

Omicron Engineering

Omicron Engineering

The ally behind the magic

This excellent group of engineers implement high-impact IoT at the service of people. They have a clear competitive advantage due to the solid alliances they have consolidated to deliver a complete solution.

Years of experience

14 years of experience in the field

Specific experience

This solution has already been tested by companies such as Cerromatoso

Relevant clients


Steps to get your solution

30 days

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