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If you go as a tourist here, you can find your sustainable innovation profile, a canvas of trends with current or emerging needs and possible casualties of change.


The best camping in sustainability issues

Certification city


To define

Environmental Product Declaration

Products with an environmental declaration allow architects and builders of sustainable projects to achieve their certifications, for example the Leed certification. The first component of this service is a product life cycle study: Understand the impacts generated by your product throughout its life cycle. ISO standards like 14040 and 14044 will help you. The second component of the service is the preparation of a draft EPD / DAP (according to ISO 14025) that collects the information generated in the life cycle study, a process that will culminate with the verification of a third party so that you can obtain your environmental statement. of product.

Certification city


15,000,000 COP - 30,000,000

Sustainability Report - Communicate your impacts

Have a tool to let your customers, suppliers and the community in general know of your commitment to sustainable development.

City of knowledge and innovation


$1'200,000 COP to 5,000,000

Smart carbon footprint measurement

Take the first step towards mitigating climate change or towards new economic models

Technology city


18,000,000 million

Labor inclusion program for people with disabilities

Change the lives of people who use wheelchairs by making them your collaborators with our electric wheelchairs, which allow people to stand up. They will be supremely efficient and you can deduct from income tax up to 200% what you invest in them. According to laws 361 of 1997 and 1429 of 2010.

Sustainable design city


Rehabilitation of buildings to save water and energy

Do you have a building that was not designed to save water or energy as required by the planet or your pocket? With this consultancy you will know how you should reform your building to be more sustainable.

Sustainable products

Products to be more sustainable in your organization

Technology city

Sustainable product

58 USD

Safety distance sensor to face Covid 19

Take care of the people you care about with these sensors, which will warn them when they are very close to each other and will also measure their temperature and report it on a web platform.

Technology city

Sustainable product


Machine vision camera for emission control in chimneys

Thanks to this camera system with artificial vision plus analytical software, you will be able to document the emissions of your chimney 24/7, receive alerts to take corrective actions and avoid sanctions from the environmental authority or environmentally conscious consumers.

Workshops on sustainable issues

Short training on relevant topics

City of knowledge and innovation


400,000 COP

Bioclimatic Design Workshop

Have the necessary knowledge so that your architectural designs contemplate a bioclimatic that makes a difference in the market and really take care of the planet

End user city


450,000 COP / Hour

Sustainable business laboratory

Having the right audience in the creation and validation of future businesses is key to your success. We put at your disposal our community of people and companies who are pioneers when it comes to sustainability.

Technical reports

Reports and surveillance carried out by sustainability experts

Sustainable design city

Technical report

$1'200,000 COP

Trends and laws for sustainability in the mass consumer sector

Raise your portfolio of mass consumer products with this information and conquer the market for those of us who take care of the planet.


Tools and formats to support your sustainable activities

Soon we will have solutions in this category


13 areas of opportunity in sustainability in the mass consumer market

Identify the trends and areas of opportunity that will help you define your sustainability strategy for the coming years.